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Dealing with Worry Course – Thursday 7th September

Weston Evening Course - A course designed to help you understand why you are feeling worried and anxious and will teach you a range of skills to deal with it. [View Course]

Get Ready for Change – Thursday 14th September

Weston evening - FREE course which can help you become more motivated to change and will show you how to overcome some of the obstacles to weight loss. [View Course]

Self Esteem Course – Monday 18th September

Clevedon evening course. A course designed to help you understand why your self esteem is low and how it can be improved. This course will be particularly relevant for people who feel they are self-critical or feel judged by others. [View Course]

Stress Management Course – Tuesday 26th September

Weston evening course - A course designed to help you understand what stress is and how to feel more confident in managing it. Topics will include what is stress, relaxation, thoughts and feelings, and more. [View Course]