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Self Esteem Course – Monday 25th March

The self-esteem course is designed to help you understand why your self-esteem is low and how it can be improved. The course is particularly relevant for people who feel they are self-critical or feel judged by others.

This course will run for four sessions held on a Monday evening starting on 25th March from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.

The course will be held at The Coast Resource Centre, Diamond Batch, Locking Castle, W-s-M BS24 7FY

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What is self-esteem?

We tend to go through life evaluating ourselves and others according to a scale of worth. ‘Self-esteem’ refers to the amount of value that we place on ourselves. People will often think negatively about themselves at times, usually when faced with a challenging or distressing situation. However, if you get in to the habit of thinking about yourself negatively, then you may have a problem with low self-esteem. If you can relate to many of the following statements then the self-esteem course may be appropriate for you:

What you think about yourself:

  • I have a negative overall opinion of myself
  • I put myself down and doubt myself
  • I do not recognise my positive qualities
  • I focus on mistakes


  • I beat myself up if I do something wrong or don’t understand something
  • I feel that I need to push myself to cover up a bad job or lack of ability
  • I focus on not making mistakes in life
  • I avoid challenges in case they go badly

Relationships and social life:

  • I become upset by any criticism or disapproval
  • I try to please others
  • I think that I am useless in social situations
  • I avoid social contact/relationships
  • I find it difficult to stand up for myself

Hobbies and interests:

  • I don’t do many things that I enjoy
  • I avoid activities where I may be judged or evaluated

Please note: If you are not sure whether this course is suitable for you, or if you feel that your low self-esteem is part of a more complicated set of circumstances, then you may benefit from an assessment with us to see if we can offer more appropriate assistance. You can arrange an assessment by phoning us on 0300 300 0834.

What will the course involve?

The course will explore what self-esteem is, how it develops, and what keeps it going. The course will also teach a range of techniques that you can use to overcome low self-esteem. There will be things to practice between sessions: the more you put in – the more you will get out. The course will involve some group discussion, however nobody will be put on the spot or expected to speak, and we will not go into people’s personal problems. It is important to state that this is an educational class, and not group therapy.

Course Booking Form

To book onto our course, please call us on 0300 300 0834, our Access Team will take your details and we will send you either e-mail confirmation or letter if requested. Alternatively you can e-mail us your name and contact details to and we will call you to arrange your course. Kind regards, PositiveStep Team.