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Positive Step – Caring for Carers

Are you a carer? If so, at Positive Step we want to make sure that we are caring for carers, to do this we have created a series of workshops especially for you.

The workshops cover a variety of topics such as:   “Keeping your Spirits up”, “Improving how you feel about yourself” and “Coping with Change”. The workshop’s format is partly psycho- educational and partly therapeutic. The therapeutic part will give you the opportunity to share some of your concerns and experiences with other carers who are attending the workshop with you.

You can opt to attend an individual workshop or indeed all of them.

Once you have completed a workshop if things haven’t improved for you then you may want discuss with the workshop facilitator what other options are available to you.

Other sites that may be of interest are Crossroads, Carers UK and Carers Trust. For further information about support for Carers, please contact 01934 523766.