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Please note: Do not use these Audio Clips when driving or whilst using machinery.

1. Instructions

Please listen to these the first few times you use the Audio Links. You will get the most benefit if you use the relaxation audios once a day for three weeks. If you prefer you can download the tracks from the base of this page.

2. Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Please be aware that this is not recommended if you have high blood pressure. Only tense your muscles for as much and as long as you feel comfortable.

3. Visualisation

This is a 20 minute Visualisation Exercise – The Secret Garden.

Relaxation Guidance

Practice – It is important to practise the relaxation regularly. Like any skill you should start by practising somewhere comfortable and relatively quiet. Once you have done it regularly you will notice that you are able to do it in more stressful or difficult situations.

Choosing a relaxation –  Unless you have high blood pressure try out both relaxations and chose your favourite. Then stick to this relaxation. If you have high blood pressure you shouldn’t use Progressive Muscular Relaxation (Track 2).

Difficulties – Learning to relax takes time. You might find that your mind starts thinking about other things or you feel restless. This is to be expected, when this happens just gently bring your attention back to the audio.

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Progressive Muscular Relaxation